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Good resolutions

The holiday season is almost over and New Year ahead. As always, this is a perfect opportunity to reflect on changes in profession. Orientation offer events such as Career Days for job starters or companies certified for excellent support of students and trainees.

Does your “good intention” for 2015 is all about career start or new beginning? Do you already have a clear aim in mind? Or are you still looking for a profession? If you’re is interested in media and communication, don’t miss this opportunity in late January in Dortmund:

On January 22, the second Career Day (“Karrieretag”) of the industry will take place at Dortmund’s Westfalenhalle. It is part of the trade fair Best of Events and is meant for high school graduates, dropouts studies and career changers. On the Career Day experts hold speeches about which jobs the industry offers, what qualifications are required and how the job start may run best. Two young professionals provide insight into the everyday work of their agencies. Last but not least, a recruitment consultant will inform about the ideal applications of today and the expectations of employers.

The event is free because it is supported by various agencies, trade associations and recruiting firms. However, the number of participants is limited. So better book immediately and have it confirmed under

When it comes to finding the right employer, it is helpful to look at the website of Fair Company. It is the largest employer initiative in Germany comprising more than 700 companies. The term fair in the name refers to the employment and treatment of student interns, trainees and young professionals. Voluntary, these companies give students and young professionals valuable practical experience according to their talents.

Interns, for example, get clear tasks and goals by Fair Company members. They are not abused with hod carrier services. The companies offer internships exclusively in the strict sense of the term––not to put graduates off who are actually looking for a job but let them make experiences while still studying. Also they pay an adequate salary to trainees as well as apprentices.

The Fair Company members have a set of rules created on compliance which are observed and monitored by trainee’s feedback. Those who follow these rules get awarded with the Fair Company seal annually anew. In an era in which professionals can search for the companies and not vice versa, the seal is certainly a good guide and a figurehead. It is definitely a prime example of employer branding.

It is encouraging that more and more companies join together to training initiatives at local or regional level. Applicants may inquire locally for such funding opportunities at their Chamber of Commerce. And if there’s resolutions for 2015 on employers’ side, then one of them says: Get as attractive as possible for junior staff. In this sense, a happy 2015!

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