Do We Know It’s Christmas?

Do THEY know it’s Christmas? Or do YOU? So early? Once again?? When it comes to duty planning, these surprising reactions seem to be the same every year. And this year in particular.

From Jens Kügler

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are on a Monday this year. Sure, you’ve known that for a long time. But let’s be honest: When did you actually realize it? Have you suddenly been confronted with the fact that all employees in your team want to take the complete the days off from Christmas Eve to first and second holidays, New Year’s Eve and Day inclusive? … and you are suddenly faced with the emergency situation that on the working days in between you might miss them—or you would have to “bind” someone against his will, which certainly leads to dissatisfaction?

Have you ever thought about the fact that it might be unpleasant to have the employees take duty for a few hours on Monday morning / Christmas Eve, which, strictly speaking, is not a holiday at all? And the same at New Year’s Eve?

Not only that may be unpleasant for the employees. We all know that not only the private but also the the business days before Christmas are among the most stressful of the year. All customers want their orders to be completed in the old year before they escape on their own ski holidays. And everything is to be booked for 2018. Everyone is looking forward to the well-deserved rest, which usually starts around December 20 and lasts until mid-January. This year is different. And there seems to be no time at all to buy presents. I wonder what will be going on in the department stores and pedestrian zones this Saturday.

Flashback. In September there were high summer temperatures. Nobody—really nobody—thought about Christmas and New Year’s Eve, shift times and holidays. Really nobody? I am sure that those entrepreneurs and team leaders, who were already looking for honest and open discussions with their employees at this very time, will now have the most satisfied employees when it comes down to it. Or at least: they’ll have the least dissatisfied. We know that satisfied employees work more productively.

Anyone who has volunteered for these unpleasant days in honest and open discussions reaps the good will and thanks of colleagues and superiors. And he will be the beneficiary next time. Next year will not be easier to plan—with Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve on a Tuesday and completely torn holiday weeks.

By the way: A special gift can be another incentive. No colleague will be jealous that the one who works on Christmas and New Year’s Eve will be served something special—be it a restaurant or event voucher or a package of fine delicacies. This is not just a question of appreciation. Rather, everyone’s willingness to step in the next time increases.

In short: planning for Christmas starts in September at the latest, if frustration is not to be added to the frost. This can also be a good resolution for the new year. I wish you all a happy holiday season and a good hand for planning!

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