Five Reasons Why Employees Resign

Every company only works as good as its best employees—if they stay and remain loyal! To keep them is more important than to look for new talents, according to the authors of the Undercover Recruiter. The London HR bloggers recently listed five typical reasons for dismissal. And how to counteract as an employer.

By Jens Kügler

Reason number one is the money. Okay, from generations Y and Z we have been hearing constantly that recognition, meaningful activities and work-life balance are more important than salary. But who wants to deny that the question “What am I living on—and how good?” is one of the most important of all? A company that wants to keep its top executives has to pay at least as much as the competitiors. Better more. Those who pay below average will lose out in the long run. The loss of the best employee, the loss of competence and the search for an adequate replacement probably become more expensive.

Reason for dismissal number two: lack of development opportunities. Young people in particular want to continue their education and develop their skills. It is therefore important to maintain a constant dialogue with them to find out whether they are happy in their job situation and if not, what needs to be done. Reason no. three is the lack of meaningful activities. Anyone who can’t answer the question “Why do I work here?” has already mentally quit. Therefore, bosses need to know from their employees what inspires them to work, what makes them happy—and what they think about the product and the company philosophy.

A fourth reason to go is lack of independence and lack of responsibility. Anyone who still feels harassed on his stressful working days cannot be happy in his job. The bosses should therefore place more trust in their employees and give them scope for decision-making.

Reason number five is the lack of recognition and appreciation. The Londoners even speak of the “lack of love”. This does not only mean the missing of gratitude or backslapping or the ignorance and disrespect of the management personnel. But also details such as a poorly equipped or furnished workplace and, of course, poorer pay than colleagues. The discussion as to whether employees feel valued should be open—and above all: it should really take place. Regularly.

Please note: These five reasons for termination are neither a ranking list nor the result of any survey. It was written purely from experience.

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