Never Give Up!

Those who set themselves goals can sometimes lose, but mostly get ahead further—especially those who don’t let themselves be discouraged by setbacks. I have experienced this myself.

Written by Jens Kügler

What a summer last year!–Sunshine almost every day. I always put my netbook into my backpack at noon, took my racing bike (I love the speed buzz!) and rode with up to 40 km/h to the lakes around the city, the wind in my ears, my head “washed free”—and after about an hour of riding with new, fresh ideas I continued my work with my notebook there. At the lake, under the sunny sky, with the Alp’s massifs in the distance. You can’t work a better way.

Now, in the cold season of the year, I go jogging for an hour at noon and then take a shower and start working again in my home office or for a creative change of scenery in the cosy Wifi-café next door. In autumn and winter, the nearby historic baroque palace park of Nymphenburg offers an enchanting setting for jogging. As the colourful leaves fall, the ideas grow in all their bright colors.

Why do I love my racing bike and jogging so much? It divides my working day into two clear halves. It gives me the opportunity to physically feel myself—important as a “fresh breeze”. Important as an urgent need of change in path. And for new, fresh and free thoughts. Last but not least: good for body awareness and self-confidence.

Everyone who loves his job has such a “racing bike”. In other words, something that gives him motivation boosts and loosens up his daily work, whether it’s something sporting or virtual. I’m convinced of that. But that also brings me to the subject of setbacks. They can also be directly linked to the individual motivator.

Exactly one year ago, a slipped disc forced me into hospital and under the surgical knife. Lumbar vertebrae: no strength and no feeling in my right leg anymore! The operation was successful—but until Christmas I walked on crutches. After that: rehabilitation, slow strengthening of the leg, gradual “back to training”, far away, far away from my usual performances.

Now one could have thought: I was frustrated because at first there was so little going on and I needed a feeling of insanity patience with my weakness and crutches. But the opposite was the case. I had a clear goal. In summer I wanted to cycle again as usual. Every little step forward motivated me immensely! Eventually, I spent again such a dream summer with racing bike, notebook, sunny skies, lake and mountain views!

In short: Setbacks must not force us to give up. As the saying goes: If you give up, you surrender. If you don’t give up, you’ll never be beaten. Recently I read an interview with a former top athlete who is now very successful in his new profession. He was asked if he saw a parallel between power of endurance at work and in sport. His answer: Yes, because if you set yourself big goals, you have to be prepared to go the “extra mile”, as he said. And you shall not to be held back by challenges or setbacks. Only in this way will he win in the end.

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