“Ute is a very passionate master brand builder who would be an excellent leader for any consumer focused and consumer inspired organization. Ute's defining characteristics include her incredible people centric orientation (always brings out out the best performance in her people), her passionate advocacy for the consumer and how that can shape business strategy and execution, and her global perspective (and how to identify commonalities across countries while recognizing cultural nuances). She consistently brings in the external perspective to keep leadership and the organization grounded on what is most important. It was a great experience reporting to her and the organization truly misses her personal and professional contributions. She will make a big impact in any organization.” 24. November 2009 Brad Locke, Sr Brand Manager - Global Marketing & Brand Building, Procter & Gamble war Ute Hagen bei Procter & Gamble direkt unterstellt

Ute has been a strong advocate within P&G for always starting with the understanding of the consumer. She drives for “WHO” understanding first, in the face of the many pressures to consider other day-to-day business options first. Ute developed usable models for approaching complex WHO choices, and found strong reapplicable models across brands.” Frances Roberts - Globaler Brand Franchise Leader Pampers

“Ute was my first manager at P&G. She was instrumental in laying the foundations for my professional development. She instilled people development as one of my core values and I learned the virtue of strategic rigour from her. She has been a fantastic coach and mentor throughout my entire career at P&G and I am privileged to have her as my friend.” Werner Domittner, Brand Manager, Procter & Gamble war Ute Hagen bei Procter & Gamble direkt unterstellt

“Ute is a wonderful partner and an expert brand builder. She has a keen ability to get inside consumers heads. While at P&G she became known as Doctor Who. She earned that accolade from her depth of knowledge and her ability to provide brand builders in P&G with "who" insights about their target consumer segments. She is also a great content developer for Training Curricula. She always has a can do attitude and caring demeanor.” Laston Charriez - Vice President Consumer & Shopper Activation by Sara Lee (former Marketing Direktor bei Procter & Gamble)