About us

Your Success Counts Purpose and Philosophy:
We support Businesses and Employees in reaching their full potential.

  • Businesses: Success through the development of a loyal and passionate fangroup of customers
  • businesses: Identification of qualified employees, who love their employer and its customers
  • Employees: Placement into those businesses, in which they will go to work with passion every day
  • Employees: Trainings which will empower them to turn their customers into a loyal fangroup

Our measure of success is the measurable increase in the financial success and personal satisfaction of our customers.

We will aim to satisfy the needs and desires and goals of our customers.

"A person, who has seriously set a goal for himself, will definitely reach it."
Benjamin Disraeli

Ute Hagen

Expert for: Customer oriented Business Strategies and Global Executive Search & Recruitment

Ute Hagen (1959) was born in the Lüneburger Heide in Northern Germany. She is passionate about understanding the needs and desires of people and to support other people in improving their lives. Being curious about other people and cultures, her life to her on a path to become an international business executive. After earning a Bachelors Degree in Business Adminstration (BA) at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA and an MBA from Harvard Business School in Bosten, USA, she started her business career in 1986 in the international Product and Marketing Management at the Procter & Gamble Company.


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