As a company or independent business owner you want to make reliably make money with your products or services. The most important success factor is to attract the right customers and delight them with your offer so that they will become your long-term loyal fangroup. To achieve this, we want to support you with our expertise and very practical advice.

Why go it by yourself and learn by trial and error, when you can benefit from our experiences as passionate and successful Customer-oriented Marketing Experts? Actually it isn't so difficult to delight the right customers as long as you apply certain basic principles.

Please contact us so that we can talk about the very specific needs and goals of your company to offer you a tailor-made consulting solution.

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Workshop: Business Success by defining the "right" target customers and a differentiated offer

This workshop supports you to identify the "right" target customers for yourself and to develop a differentiated offer -- you will see that your work will be more fun and you will also be financially more successful. it doesn't matter whether you are about to start a business or have an established business: Learn the Success Secrets, which are used by the large successful companies to be sustainably successful in the market place.

A Study of German start-up companies in 2010 had the following conclusions:

Many people start a new company without being properly prepared. It is particularly concerning, that the deficits are particularly strong in those areas that absolutely need entrepreneurial "feeling":

  • 53% of all company founders cannot clearly articulate why customers should buy their product or service in preference to their competitors (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • There was also a marked increase in the number of company founders who only had a very unclear thought about their target customer group -- an increase to 46% from 38% in the previous year
  • 38% aren't able to clearly describe their product or service idea (what's in it for the customer)

Be honest to yourself: Are you in a similar situation?

Examples and Exercises, that will support you to change your approach and thinking:

  • Focus on the "right" customers
  • You have understtod the needs and desires of your customers
  • What's in it for the customer will guide the development of your offer
  • Continuous feedback from your customers and active dialog with them

That's why we offer very practical open access workshops on a continual basis. Or we will work with you specifically to develop a workshop that fits exactly the needs of your company and your employees.

You will find dates and places for the open access workshops under "Dates". Please simply get in touch with us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +49 (0) 4132 939 6787

Executive Search

We provide Recruitment and Executive search services for experienced specialists and managers and consult people on their next career move.

People are engaged in their work, when they enjoy what they are doing. Which means it is work that matches to their skills and capabilities in a company environment in which each individual is respected and the contribution to the company is recognized and rewarded.

It is our mission to create a win-win situation for employees and employers by putting people with the right skills and capabilities into job roles, which they enjoy and can grow. Then both the employee and the company will win.

Our philosophy:

“Engaged and experienced personnel are the engine for business success”

Our experience is focused on Marketing and Sales roles in end-user oriented companies.

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